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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  January 3, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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capitol hill. a couple things going on there today. >> reporter: just a little bit. i am halle jackson live here from the capitol where today washington is waking up to face a new political universe, divided government for the first time for donald trump. but not for nancy pelosi. set to make history again as speaker of the house, ready to challenge is the president out of the gate today. what she is telling us exclusively on everything from the russia investigation to what it's like negotiating with the president. >> the president either doesn't know what he's talking about or doesn't want to know what he's talking about. >> reporter: pelosi and her party now take control of the house in the midst of a partial shutdown and on lucky day 13, democrats are planning to make a move today to reopen government. republicans will reject it. the first, but not the last part san push-pull we will see on capitol hill. at the white house, the president warned that democrats are not ruling out impeachment
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and this is his new reality now. the the shadow of more legal battles, more congressional supervision and congress has no incentive to give am single political win right now. well come to thursday. our team is here covering all of this on what is going to be a historic day in the nation's capitol. joining me for it. nbc capitol hill reporter kasie hunt. nbc's kristen welker at the white house. i appreciate you being here. nancy pelosi spoke with our own savannah guthrie on the "today" show. she will be facing donald trump he will be facing her. she talked about what that dynamic will be like. listen. >> do you think he deals with you differently because you're a woman? >> i have no idea. we'll see now how he will deal with the speaker of the house and that doesn't matter whether are you a woman or not. >> you said in august you thought he might be afraid of
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you and the women coming in. >> i don't know if he knows how to deal with women in power and women with strength, but we'll see. let's hope for the best. >> reporter: casey, give us a look at behind the scenes with speaker pelosi, she is set to be sworn in as the speaker of the house. >> reporter: sure, this has been a careful road for nancy pelosi, she has worked hard in her own caucus to make sure this was going to be a triumphant caucus for her. this is swearing in day. we're at rashida talib's office. she, of course, is that woman from michigan you may remember was dragged out of a trump rally and decided she was going to run for congress. lo and behold she won. she is a part of a historic class of congress that will be led by nancy pelosi who is a historic figure. she is going to reclaim her
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position as speaker. the most powerful woman in american politics. we've already seen how some of that dynamic plays out on the national stage and that meeting with the president in the oval office, where you know nancy pelosi walked out in that red coat that is now a famous scene as kind of the victor triumphant over the president in that meeting. i think that gave you a little taste of what this might be like. nancy pelosi is a veteran legislator and deal maker. her daughter was on tv yesterday saying she'll cut your head off and you won't even know you're bleeding. which is a remarkable thing for a daughter to say about their mother. it kind of captures how effective nancy pelosi will be. you will remember many speakers past the rest all men facing a scandal. not the case here with nancy pelosi. she pushed obamacare through the house under pretty tough circumstance when she was speaker last time around. now she views herself as
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somebody who has collected years of wisdom and experience as the right general is how she has been phrasing it behind the scenes with people as she leads the troops into this fight. i think you will see her being careful in her balancing act. you saw this in her interview with savannah guthrie and i know garrett haig will talk about the hein she has to walk with impeachment. her caucus is unified. but that does not mean there will be hurdles on the horizon. >> do you have a sense of what she will be talking about when she does take the gavel today? >> reporter: we do. we've got him some excerpts, excuse me, from her initial speech. she will be talking about the sort of over arching message that democrats have been trying to send for the people. now that was some people who jabbed at that when they came out with it during the campaign, a message center on health care, affordable housing, other issues that speak to the pocketbooks of americans is what she says has
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kept her caucus united. so i would expect to hear quite a bit more of that today. >> kasie hunt, a busy day for you on the hill. let me go to garrett haig, garrett, casey referenced the conversation with savannah this morning. she has a line to walk when it comes to those two "i" words, impeachment and indictment. here's what she had to say when it comes to that special counsel investigation and what it means for president trump. watch. >> we have to wait and see what happens with the mueller report. we shouldn't be impeaching for a political reason and we shouldn't avoid impeachment for a political reason. so we just have to see how it comes. >> do you believe the special counsel should honor and observe the department of justice guidance that states a sitting president cannot be indicted? . >> i do not think that that is conclusive. no, i do not. >> if can robert mueller come back and say i am seeking an indictment? >> i think that is an open
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discussion in terms of the law. >> reporter: garrett, that's a significant statement from the soon to be speaker. one that the white house is certainly watching and has heard and all of it comes as democrats prepare today to take on more oversight power just on pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: yeah. let me put this in the context of how this will all align with how democrats plan this oversight function here. democrats have been telling me for weeks they want to focus on the things the trump administration has done. so for example, expect to see significant hearings into the border separation policy the deaths of these two children in the custody of u.s. customs and border protection as an example, expect to see insight into the interior and epa and expect to see democrats hold off at least for now on aggressively sort of treading into robert mueller's lane there. they want to let the mueller investigation play out. make no mistake, having a democratic controlled house is
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great news for anyone who really wants to find out at the end of the day what robert mueller has been up to. this now does create a mechanism for anything robert mueller and his team producing being suspend, for robert mueller, himself, to be called and ultimately have to or get to depending on how you want to look at it, answer questions about what his investigation ultimately turns up. you see pelosi there tapping the brakes a little bit for some new members who would like to see an aggressionive investigation by the house into the president and his ties with russia. saying leave that alone for robert mueller. on the question of an indictment, remember, this is not pelosi herself will have control over. >> that will be how robert mueller chooses to go about things. again, we will find out more likely than ever what mueller comes up with, because the democratic house is protecting him. waiting in the wings is a democratic intel committee led by adam schiff. a lot of questions never were answered when republicans were
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in charge who will ultimately get free reign to explore those questions a bit more full somely. house democrats want to be careful to not overreach on the early days of those questions. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. kristen welker my white house colleague is over there on the north lawn. kristen, president trump is waking up today to a different washington than just 24 hours ago. what's the sense behind the scenes in the west wing? >> reporter: you are right. this is a new reality and era for washington and for president trump. it's clear that officials here on defense, kellyanne conway, just having entered a gavel, a back and forth with reporters a short time ago, in which she was asked about the different topics you have been discussing. and we pressed her on the fact that the incoming house speaker nancy pelosi didn't rule out impeachment. said it's not settled that robert mueller can't indict a sitting president. take a listen to what she had to
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say. >> reporter: she didn't rule out impeachment. does that concern you? does that concern the president? >> no, it doesn't concern the president. she, obviously, came here yesterday not serious about border security, so it doesn't surprise me that she would be so partisan and political on day one. i think it's unfortunate that you've got an incoming speaker already talking about indictments and impeachment when this president is talking about border and infrastructure. >> reporter: president trump is taking his own shots at the democrats today tweeting, just moments ago, not about what nancy pelosi was talking about but about the shutdown, accusing them of playing politics. he said the shutdown is only because of the 2020 election. the democrats know they can't win, based on all of the achievements of trump. so they are going ul out on the desperately needed border security and presidential harassment for them strictly
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politics. it comes on the heels of that highly contentious meeting yesterday in the situation room in which sources who were in the room tell us that democrats interrupted the homeland security secretary when she started to give a presentation on border security and then the president later telling chuck schumer he would look foolish if he signed off on any deal that didn't include new funds for border security so they are dug in as ever as divided government gets under way today. >> kristen welker. see you in a little bit. present it. joining us here on set at the capitol, congressman tim ryan of ohio. let's start big picture. talking of today this moment, what it means for soon to be speaker nancy pelosi. the usa today and the times are writing about this moment. the usa today pointing the presumptive speak rer close in age, 72, 78. eager to demonstrate they are tough negotiators who can
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deliver. but almost every other way the two could hardly be more different. the times saying mrs. pelosi knows this speakership will be defined how she handles mr. trump. will it be defined? >> no question i think the president always takes up all the oxygen in the room, especially this president who is always looking to make news, he's always looking to win the 24-hour news cycle. he will say and do anything to win the 24-hour news cycle. so he will be no question defining this. but you know he has to deal with a democratic congress with a seasoned leader within the framework of the legislative process. so that will be his challenge as well. >> reporter: the current challenge is this government shutdown now stretching into day 13. nancy pelosi was asked about this, this morning on the "today" show, where democrats see compromise, i want you to watch. >> okay. >> when you are negotiating with someone, you have to know, you
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stipulate to some fact. it's hard to do that with the president because he resists, science, evidence, data, truths. it's hard to pin the president down on the facts. i thinkened hope that we can work together in a positive way now that the president is more acclimated to the facts that he's dealing with a democrat make majority. >> reporter: so pelosi seems to have some optimism there about this shutdown negotiation. but you and she have made clear democrats not want to give money for wall. if you hold that position, do you understand why some democrats will see this is their fault. >> there are border states that don't think it makes any sense. it's 2018. we're talking about building a wall. we have technology that we can implement. when you look at the fact that the studies say anywhere from 50% to two-thirds of the undocumented people in this country overstay their visas.
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so the president is missing the largest chunk of people by not trying to address that issue. the drugs that come over, they come over through ports of entry. you want to talk about getting drugs out of the country, making sure we know who is in the country. those are two huge issues we should be able to agree on. >> nancy pelosi is talking about agreeing, i talked to one who said democrats are not negotiating, they're saying no. >> that's not true. president schumer presented plans. the house presented plans. the president, look, you lost the election. you lost the house of representatives. you got to make a deal. this was the great deal maker. right? so make a deal. we can achieve everybody's goal here. >> part of what the president will have to face, we have been talking about. you have been listening is oversight in your party in the house of representatives, today taking control in what will be one of the more significant moments of his administration. let me start with the "i" questions, indictment.
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do you agree it is an open question a sitting president can be indicted? >> i think it's an open question. yeah, this is not what i'm focused on. mueller is there, i think as democrats we need to come in and get back on an economic agenda that talks about pensions and workers and wages and the struggling that every day families are going through. >> that's clearly been a message from those in your party. there are others that say there should be accountability for president trump. should democrats be nervous as it relates to impeachment? >> we have a responsibility given to us by article 1 of the united states constitution. the constitution gave the power to the legislative branch to the house of representatives. we have oversight responsibility of the executive. we moved away from a king having all the power and the people have the power. so we have to constitutionally execute oversight of the president of the united states. >> does that include impeachment? >> well, we don't know yet. mueller is out there.
7:15 am
he is doing his investigation. we need to let that play out. if you move down that road, you better have all the facts in place, a tight case. let's see what mueller is doing. he has been doing an investigation for a long time. let him present the facts. we need to focus on what working class people are working with every day. >> we want to talk about this rules package situation going on in the house. two democrats say they will not vote for this pay as you go provision essentially. number one, do you think nor democrats will do that join them? and number two, does this portend professional fractions inside the caucus moving forward? >> we have a diverse caucus in a variety of ways progressively to the blue dogs. i this i the paygo parole is an outdated rule. it's like we're going to tie our hands behind our backs here when we need investments into research and development, new technologies, health care, pensions, all of these things that have been left on the table. >> will you vote against it? >> i don't know, also in the
7:16 am
rules package there are some great issues around transparency for the congress, around sexual assault, improvements we have been able to make. it's not a clear cut choice here. as far as the paygo i think it's outdated and we need to move on here. >> have you 12k50ided open your vote? >> i will in the next hour. >> thank you very much for joining us here on our set from the capitol. >> thank you. >> much more to come after the break including we have first gotten our glimpse of utah's newest senator. there is mitt romney as his latest back and forth with the president has trump world on attack and wondering about plans to challenge donald trump come 2020. the answer to that is just ahead. is romney making enemies on the hill before he is sworn in? we are live from capitol hill, hours away from democrats taking power in the house. - why are drivers 50 and over switching to
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you are taking a live look here at capitol hill where in less than two hours a group of ten new senators and 100 new representatives will be sworn in alongside their colleagues in congress. one newcomer not so new to politics, mitt romney. he just arrived on capitol hill. we could hear from him outside his office any minute in live remarks. we will bring those to you when they happen, this morning romney reignites rifts in his party already, with speculation that someone should and could
7:21 am
challenge president trump in the primary, but romney says it won't be him. >> is there any chance you might emerge as an alternative to president trump in the 2020? >> no you may have heard i ran before. i've had that experience. by the way, i acknowledge the president was successful and i was not. i haven't decided who i will endorse in 2020. i will wait to see what the alternatives are. >> reporter: the senator elect didn't talk about who those alternatives will be. one might be outgoing republican senator jeff flake. >> i hope that somebody does run. i have been consistent in saying that. i know that there are others far more willing than i am to do that. but i do hope that somebody runs to remind republicans what it means to be conservative and to remind the country what it means to be decent as well. >> reporter: joining me now former policy adviser for the romney campaign lonnie chin. robert acosta, reporter for "the
7:22 am
washington post and aaron blake senior political reporter joining me on a balcony, lonnie, let me start with you. is that your former boss encouraging alternatives to president trump in 2020. is that how you read it? >> no look, i think he's stating what a lot of people believe to be the obvious. which is there will be a marketplace outside of donald trump. how big that marketplace will be is going to be the big question. but i don't think he is encouraging people to do it. i think he's stating the obvious, which is that someone will present as an alternative to donald trump. the only question is who that will be. >> who do you think it will be? or who should it be, in your view? >> look, i think you have a lot of people, jeff flake, ben sasss some have said, i don't know if it will be any of these people. it may be no one people are thinking of now. there will be an opportunity for somebody to present an alternative vision to donald trump. the problem is donald trump has a 98% approval rating.
7:23 am
whoever does it is taking on a suicide mission. >> reporter: trump allies wasted zero time pouncing on mitt romney for this. steve bannon wrote in an e-mail, it begins, referring to what he seeings of the allies efforts to block donald trump come 2020. have you the political adviser that built romney's donor network to look hard at 2020. what's going on here? >> senator elect romney may say now he doesn't have any interest to running in 2020. but his op-ed in the washington boast animated donors, anti-trump republicans who are looking for someone beside maybe ohio governor john kasich or senator flake to jump into the ring. at this point it's laying the foundation for a conversation among that kind of republican in the coming months, should president trump's approval rating fall as lonnie said. >> right. >> it's sky high. if it ever dips, below 80%, you
7:24 am
will have quite a marketplace. >> you have the head of the rnc, who just so happens to be mitt romney's niece, coming out this morning and talking about that tweet she sent in which she backed up the president over mitt romney. watch. >> well, i love my uncle. and my tweet yesterday had nothing to do two family. i would have done this to any freshman incoming senator. we've got to come together and republicans want to see our senators and our congressional members support this president. >> reporter: rand paul among others came out. he was on tv defending president trump as well, bob, all this assigned to that you this is the party of president trump and those who come at him in 2020 be warned? >> it's also an example, halle, of how this white house has inso-called previously wary republicans in key positions. not only a rhonda mcdaniel at the national committee chair and todd rickets, who was anti-trump. he is one of the key people at the rnc and a big fundraiser for
7:25 am
president trump. you see president trump always trying to consolidate his power not only by build a wall and rally his voters, by making that anti-trump republican still stays in his camp. >> nancy, while we're having this conversation, we want to remind folks, we could see mitt romney pop his head out and take questions. when you look at the rnc, the republican party circling the wagons around donald trump to try to protect him. do you realistically think the rnc will make changes to make sure he does not get primary or put road blocks in place? >> i think it's a little too early to tell. we saw with romney there are very few republicans who came out when he published that op-ed to publish his defense. >> john kasich said, welcome to the fray. >> there weren't other senators on capitol hill and walk, republican versus always followed behind donald trump. that's what they continued to do. >> aaron. >> the rnc could have easily put these projections in place in
7:26 am
2016. doing that now especially after mitt romney does this op-ed, jeff flake is talking about maybe running. people like john kasich are involved. the campaign is off the ground now. if you put those protections in place, it will look hem handed, it will look late like they are rigging the system for the president. >> you two stick around for a little longer. lonnie and bob, thank you very much for joining us on this big day in d.c. we are keeping a like shot from the halls of the capital where we are, the first order of business, being opened to government. we will look at where this goes. if the house plan goes nowhere as expected in the senate. plus, president trump keeping up a battle with former top military leaders, doing a history rewrite on mattis saying he, himself, should have been a general. we're watching, the markets are down the dow is down some 500 points. this is all about apple.
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this morning, everybody's eyes are on the house floor, where democrats are planning their first act, a move to reopen the government with the partial shutdown hitting the two-week mark tomorrow, if thing lasts until january 11th,
7:31 am
federal workers will not be getting their paychecks. meaning you might not get your tax returns or refund as soon as you think and depending how long this goes, food stamp benefits might start to run out. msnbc's garrett haig is joining us from capitol hill. can you talk about this shutdown stalemate. don't expect it to end today, probably not tomorrow. even though the democrats invited democrats over to the white house again. right? >> yeah, senatthat's right. they have a plan to reopen the government with two bills. one would fully fund the vast majority of the government sections closed right now to the end of this fiscal year. the other would be to fund the department of homeland security, essentially give enough time to continue this debate. to continue this argument about border wall money but without the government being closed. allow normal function of the government to continue. bad news, mitch mcconnell said
7:32 am
he will not take this up on the senate side. he knows the president won't sign it. what this does, it creates, democrats hope, political pressure on vulnerable senate republicans. because that's the new reality we live in, the days about worrying about claire miskatrina kills re-election prospects are over. republican versus to worry about folks like susan collins or corey gardner, for example. the hope is this will continue to put pressure on vulnerable republicans and in this interview this morning with savannah guthrie, nancy pelosi made it clear she is perfectly happy to dig in as much as president trump has done on the wall. take a listen. >> are you willing to come up and give him some of this money for the wall? >> no. >> apparently that's the sticking point. >> not for the wall. we're talking about border security. >> if you don't compromise, then why isn't the shutdown partially your responsibility as well? >> it has nothing to do wit. it has the president saying i will hold six agencies of government hostage too my
7:33 am
campaign promise that i was going to build a wall and that members do was going to pay for it. >> that is so ridiculous. >> reporter: bottom line, halle, it's increasingly clear there is not a short-term solution in the who to get the government reopened. what will you have is a bit of a starring contest between the president and as the temperature picks up, the real world costs of it gets higher, who does the public blame, who blinks first? it appears that's where we're headed. >> i know you are waiting for mitt romney to chat. we will take you live. the president tried to get to some kind of resolution or invited democrats over to the white house yesterday and before he did, he took some new shots at his now former defense secretary in a free wheeling cabinet meeting. he aimed his anger at basically the entire military establishment.
7:34 am
>> you can talk about our generals. i gave them all the money they wanted. they didn't do such a great job in afghanistan. general mattis was so thrilled. what's he done for me? how has he done in afghanistan? not too good. not too good. i wish him well. i hope he does well. as you know, president obama fired him and essentially so did i. >> so mattis actually resigned in protest for the way the president seized the world. it was contradictory to how mattis sees it. some folks are wondering, what is that sitting in front of the president that says sanctions are coming. he announced sanction on iran last year. joining me now to break everything down, emily farkas, foreign policy contributor who also served in the obama administration for the former secretary of defense. it's great to be with you. next time we'll bring you up to
7:35 am
the capitol balcony. let me start with those comments related to jim mattis, saying he was not satisfied with jim mattis' work in afghanistan. how does the national establishment respond when they hear something like that from the president? >> halle, i think the most disturbing thing i heard in that segment was my, me, what has he done for me lately? it's about america. so what we are doing in afghanistan. what we are doing in afghanistan is, obviously, trying to minimize the threat posed to the united states and our allies from terrorism. and you know the work there is not done. yes, we need to wind it down, but to attack, you know, secretary mattis and say that he hasn't done anything for the president lately or even for america lately i think is outrageous. secretary mattis has served with distinction he's got a 30-plus year career working for america. he could have made a lot more money and done other things with his life. he chose to serve us, the american people. so i find it really appalling
7:36 am
and what you are going to see, probably, a lot more retired military commanders. you saw general mcchrystal this weekend come out and say this president is not moral. you know, he doesn't have the right character. of course, we also hear now senator elect or now senator romney saying similar things. the generals who are retired are appalled. it's not good for military morale. it makes it hard for the current generals serving. >> let me bring you to the impasse internationally here, evelynn. because a lot of folks thought it notable the president in this meeting seemed to become the first sitting president to endorse the soviet division of afghanistan. and this morning you now have a new reaction from the foreign minister of afghanistan who tweets, soviet occupation was a grave violation of afghanistan's territorial integrity and sovereign sovereignty. any other claim defies historical facts. egos on, heroic resistance of
7:37 am
afghans for freedom of independent engrained in history. what does this do in a real world way to operations oak, if anything? >> okay. well, halle, this one was appalling. it was almost on the level of helsinki. i'm sure we will hear from president carter who is still alive and was our president at the time the soviets invaded afghanistan in order to prop up a communist regime that had conducted a coup. okay. then we the international community as the foreign minister the afghan foreign minister mentioned, they condemned this invasion. you might remember one of the few times the united states boycotted the olympics in 1980 was because of that invasion. and the rest is history, but unfortunately our president got it wrong. how does it affect things on the ground? i don't know, it probably doesn't affect things on the ground at all. it just demonstrates to our military leadership and the men and women in the armed force was are in afghanistan who may know the history since they're serving there that our president
7:38 am
doesn't know the history at all. once again, he's doing this really odd and alarming thing of almost siding with not only russia but the soviet union against america and america history and american values. so it's appalling and the only thing i can say is we've got an little used to it. which is unfortunate. >> evelynn farkas, we have to leave it there. thank you for coming on and sharing your perspective. i appreciate it. after the break, more democrats are getting ready to join the 2020 fray. one already in the race laying out her case on why she thinks she is best to take on president trump. another potential candidate battling back headlines from 2016 might ends up hampering or affecting a second run. we are talking about that next. affecting a second run we are talking about that next i love your confidence. when diagnosed with cancer, alexander went to st. jude children's research hospital. no family pays st. jude for anything... because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.
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elizabeth warren is out on what you could call a bit of a media blitz for her 2020 platform since launching that exploratory committee monday. senator warren laid out her vision about the democratic party with rachel maddow. watch. >> look. this isn't about me. this is about tens of millions of families across this country who are getting cheated. this is a moment for all of the
7:43 am
democratic nominees as they come into the race to say in a democratic primary, we are going to link arms and we're going to say grass roots funding. no to the billionaires. no to the billionaires, whether they are self funding or whether they're funding pacs. we are the democratic party and that itself the party of the people. that's how we not only win elections, that's how we build movements that make real change. >> reporter: as warren is getting ready to be sworn in later on today, she is not the only senator potentially looking ahead to her next job. you got at least eight senators, look at this eyeballing white house runs in 2020. eyeballing house runs in 2020 joining me now, brian fallon, a former national press secretary for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign, brian, let me start with you. do you agree with senator warren
7:44 am
that grass roots movement and the rejection of big money, if you will, will be the key for democrats this election? >> i do agree with her. i think, halle, what was on display in that interview with rachel maddow last night is elizabeth warren is one of the succinct messengers when it comes to taking on powerful interests. one of the reasons i think she is so succinct and successful is she goes beyond platitudes and picks fights and identifies foils, names bad guys and does it by name. >> hmm. >> one of the things that was hallmark of her rise a few years back during the obhaum administration, she drew a line in the sand and was going to opiece banker in obama's treasury delaware i annoyed a lot of people but it was an effective way of her showing who she was for and who she was against and last night i think she drew a line in the sand saying there will be people in this field that are financed
7:45 am
through grass roots, online donations and people that self fund or who are relying on outside millionaires and billionaires funding their super pacs. she set up a pretty effective for her contrast between people like michael bloomberg and tom desire and corey booker who signaled he will be welcoming outside super pac involvement. >> senator warren was not the only people out on television overnight talking about various issues. senator bernie sanders was too, bryant he responded to some of the allegations reported of sexual harassment, paige disparity. this is what he said on cnn. watch. >> i certainly apologize to any woman that felt she was not treated appropriately. of course, if i run, we will do better next time. >> you seem to indicate you did not know at the time about
7:46 am
theologistthe allegatio allegations, is that correct? >> i was busy running around the country making the case. >> in your view, that apology sufficient if he decides to run? >> i think these complaints are coming from people who are sanders' supporters. i think we have to take them at their word of what went on within the campaign. i think senator sanders and jeff weaver have said they will not invite anybody back who has been credibly accused of this misbehavior during the 2016 campaign. i think the 3r506 will be in the putt pudding whether he is addressing this. these allegations are bubbling up from within his own people that want to work for him again in 2020. but want to see certain schangs made within his campaign. so i think it will be sanders' own supporters that will be the arbiter of whether he's taken sufficient steps to address this misconduct from 2016. >> would you have done anything different if you had known on the clinton campaign about this at the time it was happening in 2016? >> i think that there was talk during 2016 about some latent
7:47 am
misogyny in just the way of some elements of sanders' supporters talked about hillary clinton as a candidate. the way that supporters of hillary clinton would be shouted down on social media, sort of had an air of misogyny to it. that was talked about in 2016. these issues like these surfacing now were not known at the time. i think we would have still maintained the same approach we took in 2016. which is to keep our head down and talk about hillary clinton's affirmative agenda, rather than get into deeper criticisms of bernie sanders and the internal workings of his campaign. >> nancy, you wanted to jump in here. >> i think the democratic field is going to be so crowded. we are looking at 15 to 30 candidates. i think even allegations, any me too allegations could sink and hurt any democratic candidate and could knock sanders out. >> let me talk about another democrat. former vice president joe biden, in a new interview, senator cuomo said of all candidates joe
7:48 am
bind has the best chance, not addressing elizabeth warren, do you ung that legit? >> it's amazing to me that teacher candidates who aren't get income right now are lining up behind other candidates. we have not only that, today we had martin o'malley saying he will not hundred u run but beto orourke should run. >> passing the mantle. but i think it's a good example of how there is a real fight within the democratic party for which direction things are going to go in. and a lot of people who aren't going to be running will be very interested in making sure their guy wins and the person that takes the other direction will not win. i thought, by the way, terry mcauliffe had an interesting op-ed in the washington post today in which he argued about the tide of free college, single payer health care. really there is a fight for this debate. because it could go in a much different direction than it has in the past.
7:49 am
>> before we say good-bye to you, a quick check on who our sources are saying. a segment we like to do every show. aaron, yours relates to what's going on, on capitol hill down the road. >> the senate is obviously being sworn in today. i think one of the early questions is how quickly bill barr gets confirmed as attorney general assuming he does. >> his hearings start the 15th and 16th? >> i think that's right. the question is how fast can he be confirmed? will there be recusal? things like that? given it seems by all indications that we have which aren't complete, that robert mueller could be wrapping things up. the question is whether that gets wrapped up while matthew whitaker is in place or bill barr. if whitaker does something to stymie this. >> that could be problematic. so far, he seems to be deferring to rod rosenstein. >> nancy, you are working on a story more related on what's going on down pennsylvania avenue. >> we have seen this tremendous exodus of cabinet officials
7:50 am
starting immediately after the mid-term election with jeff session getting fired, the attorney general. i think that will continue into 20 fine. i think the next departure could be the commerce secretary wilbur ross. the white house in repeat weeks has had people in had people in filling that slot, and i think they'll cast it not necessarily as ross getting fired because he's a good friend of the president but also a member of mar-a-lago. he will ri sinesign. a retirement. >> thank you for joining me on a not too frigid day in washington. it's rather mild. coming up after the break, we've got our eye on more breaking news, the markets, with the dow now down roughly 700 points, at one .800. here on capitol hill as it relates to democrats moving forward after the break. uh... correct! you don't have to choose, 'cause, uh... oh! (vo) switch to the network awarded
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we are back now live from capitol hill, but we're going from washington to wall street for this reason. look at this, the dow down 620 plus points right now. we've been watching it since the opening bell this morning. so what is behind all this? apple. ali velshi is here now to talk us through what is going on. ali, 2019 is kind of starting off the way 2018 ended. why is apple such a factor here? >> to that last point, you know, 2018 was the worst year since the great depression on the markets, and today is the worst day for apple in ten years. it's all sort of circular.
7:55 am
apple has said its growth is slowing, and in part, it blames global growth and in part of that the trade issues with china. so the markets have been suffering lately because of trade. apple is saying trade is affecting apple's stock, and hence that is now affecting the markets. we've got a 2.6, almost 2.7% drop on the dow today. the s&p 500, which as you know i like to look at a little more because it looks a little bit more like our viewers portfolio is down 2.25%. the nasdaq is a tech heavy index. it's down 2.5%. we are very near the session lows right now so early in the day. i'm quite concerned about where this goes. as you know, the president said don't worry about this market stuff. it's a glitch, but it's not disconnected. apple is saying it's got global growth problems in part because of the trade. delta has come out with a revenue warning. again, people are saying probably slow global growth, slowing global growth. those things are piling into the market. the sentiment is all cyclical.
7:56 am
we've got a trade war. we've got markets going down, which causes a trade war, which causes markets to go down. >> possible that this may trig ae er a tweet from president trump later today. we'll see you coming up in just a bit on msnbc. thank you. in just under two hours from now, the 116th congress will be sworn in, and this new class is on track to be the most diverse yet. a record number of 42 women are joining congress today, along with 23 people of color, many of them representing predominantly white districts, and 22 new members have either served in the military or worked for the cia. how are the new kids on the block going to work together in the middle of this partisan-fueled government shutdown. joining me now republican congressman elect michael waltz of florida. thank you for being with us. you snuck in while i was talking to ali. >> that's what green berets do. we're stealthy. >> big day for members of congress, particularly the democrats. we're also in the middle of a
7:57 am
government shutdown. soi so i've got to ask you. what are you willing to compromi compromise, and are you willing to be a voice in your party to end this shutdown? >> let me take a quick second on big day for our democracy. big day for the world. this is the peaceful handover of power that really doesn't happen all over the world. usually it's fought over. people are fighting at this point, and we peacefully hand over your, you're going to see the handing of the gavel from speaker ryan to presumably incoming speaker pelosi. as a veteran who's fought overseas and seen where this doesn't happen a lot, that's a big deal. that said let's get the government working again. there seems to be a deal at hand. let's make a deal. >> when you say deal at hand, do you mean the thing that the democrats are going to do today, that series of bills they plan to pass? other than that i don't know that there is much of a deal in washington. >> we need to include funding in there for border security like the president and others have asked for. >> and like a wall? >> what's that? >> for a wall. >> i don't care what you call
7:58 am
it, call it a wall, a barrier, a fence, a steel slat. i think the president has tweeted all of those things, but a wall without all of those other components is just something to be climbed over or tunnelled under. we need all of that in terms of border security so we can then progress to legal immigration reform, which is badly needed. >> this is as we've been talking about the first time for president trump he will be facing as the leader of the republican party divided government when it comes to the house. >> right. >> how do you plan to work with nancy pelosi? do you think you can work with her to get the things that you want to get done done? >> well, you mentioned i think in your lead in that we have a record number of veterans running. >> yes. >> for me the more veterans on both sides of the aisle, the better. >> you see that as your issue? >> well, it's regardless of the issue. it's the e thoes that we bring. when i'm getting on the black helicopter at night, nobody cares if you're a male, female, black, white, brown, republican, democrat, it's about mission. it's about country. it's about getting things done. i think that's the ethos you'll see regardless of the issue on
7:59 am
both sides of the isle. >> congressman elect, thank you very much for coming on and joining us here. >> we want to end with today's big picture. this one comes to us from the airport. check this out, you're looking at minnesota's e lana omar and her father arriving in washington. she's about to be sworn in as the fist somali american woman to be sworn into congress. she arrived as a refugee two decades ago. this message did not go unnoticed, one of the inspiring ways members of congress are kicking off this day here in d.c. that does it for us at this hour i'd love to hear your thoughts on facebook, snapchat, instagram. i'll see you tonight on msnbc from the white house. for now more with my colleague ayman mohyeldin. in for craig melvin here at msnbc headquarters in new york. no end in sight, we are following a very big day on capitol hill with lots of fast moving developments.
8:00 am
we are no closer to a compromise to the end of the government shutdown as democrats prepare to take control of the house in less than an hour from now, we expect to hear from members of congress arriving for opening day of the new session. what will it take to break the standoff? plus, voice of the people and the real life impact of the partial shutdown, no paychecks, no marriage licenses, overflowing garbage in some of the parks. that's just to name a few. we're going to tell you how it's hitting some americans really hard. and indict trump, what presumptive house speaker nancy pelosi is saying about whether the president can be indicted while he is in office. we're going to have today today's savannah guthrie's exclusive interview. we want to start with the big day on capitol hill, the first day of the 116th congress begins next year. at some point nancy pelosi is expected to take the speaker's gavel for the second time in


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